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TopFine 32G(0.23)*5mm

Category : Insulin Pen Needles
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350.00 EGP

insulin disposable pen needle which can use with insulin pen

ANTI CORINGNeedle body and tip are electro polished to remove small blemishes and rough spots for a smooth penetration
SILICONESilicone lubricant for smooth gliding and less friction.
THIN WALL TECHNOLOGYThin Wall Technology Allows effortless flow of medication to be delivered easily and more freely for the same diameter needle
HOW TO USE1-Remove the sealing foil / 2-Disinfect the insulin pen with alcohol swap / 3-Connect the needle to insulin pen in a straight line. And screw it on the right /4-Measure the amount of insulin pen(UNIT) as follow the doctor’s prescription / 5-Remove the external cap and inner cap. Stand the pen with the needle upside. Push a pen little to see if it is blocked. / 6-Disinfect the injection site with alcohol swap and inject at an angle of 90°. /7-After injecting cover the external cap, and screw to a left side to remove the needle.
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